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I am a military veteran, journalist and writer. I conduct deep investigations on bizarre intriguing topics and present them in a manner that hits you in the feels.

Amityville Murders

In 1974 tragedy befell the town of Amityville New York. This documentary goes over the events that happened the night of November 13 1979. The night of hell where Butch DeFeo murdered his entire family.

Schabusiness Evaluation

The Taylor Schabusiness competency evaluation hearing was held on Wednesday April 12 it was held at 11 am and it was short.
Judge Tom Walsh told the court the exam found Schabusiness competent to stand trial.

Taylor Schabusiness Case

This episode of Midnight Radio investigates and presents the case of Taylor Schabusiness and how a meth-fueled Monday led to murder, beheading and necrophilia.

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