Female Rapists Numbers Soar

Nearly 13% of reported rapes are female on male

Statistics gathered are pre pandemic and do not reflect the last two years. According to the DOJ chart below, 13% of rapes have female perpetrators, in the USA in 2020 alone over 25,066 males were raped by females. I didn’t include female teachers raping students on the wall of shame.

Criminal Victimization, 2020 – Supplemental Statistical Tables

Female Rapists Wall of Shame

Chantae Gilman 26: Charged with second degree rape in Seattle 2017. Man woke up to Ms. Gilman riding him. He asked her to get off. She told him to be quiet. He bucked her off and she asked him for a cigarette. He pushed her out, threw a cigarette at her and slammed the door in her face. She denied the allegations but when presented with DNA evidence she pled guilty. She was released from jail after 9 months.

Source: 28-year-old mother to only serve a few months in prison for raping a man

Lauren Andrews 31: N.Y. September 2022, She worked for a Glens Falls mental health facility. Lauren was charged with having intercourse with a person mentally incapable of lawful choice. She was charged with 3rd degree rape. Incident allegedly happened in June of 2022. She was assistant coordinator at the facility at the time.

Source: Woman accused of raping resident while employed at mental health facility

Marie Le-Mar, 38: May 21, 2021, Intoxicated, broke into the house of an elderly man and performed oral sex on him. She moved to take an insertion position and fell off into the floor which completely woke up the elder gent sending him into hysterics when he realized the toothless woman wasn’t his wife. He ran to the next room to confess to his wife and the police were called.

Source: Sexual assault on a sleeping older man; 38-year-old arrested

Claire Marsh, 18: 2000, Grand Union Canal UK, Was among a gang of ten boys and two girls, when she helped lure a tipsy woman into a park, she helped hold her down and yelled chilling taunts as the woman was raped then thrown into a canal. She was sentenced to 7 years in juvenal detention.

Source: Female rapist gets seven years

Lestina Marie Smith 17: September 2017 She lived in Saginaw Michigan when she held a knife to her 19 year old dates neck and forced him to have oral and vaginal sex with her. She plead no contest received probation and twenty five years on the sex registry.

Rumor is she had recorded parts of the assault on her phone but the 19 year old who she assaulted wrote a letter to the court stating it wasn’t really rape.

Source: Woman, 18, accused of raping man at knifepoint pleads no contest

Brittany Carter, 23: 28 January 2017, In Findlay Ohio Brittany sucked the member of a cab driver while her boyfriend held a knife to his neck and robbed him. She was convicted and served 4 years. She was on bail for a drug charge at the time of the rape.

Source: Ohio woman charged with knifepoint rape of male taxi-driver

Rebecca Chandler, 22, and Raven Larabee, 20 : 2011 This pair was accused but not charged or convicted. They were accused of meeting a 18 year old man online enticing him to their apartment in Milwaukie Wisconsin for sex and Satanic worship. They tied him up had sex with him and cut him over 300 times. The girls readily admitted (quickly in) he asked to go but his request was denied until his escape.

Source: Dog May Have Been Injured In Satanic Sex Romp

This isn’t really her picture

Victoria Moreau 74: Was charged with physically and sexually abusing four mentally challenged clients in her care.

Mrs. Moreau was accused of locking the disabled victims in a closet, giving them extremely hot or cold baths to punish them for failing to use the bathroom properly or eating too slow.

Police went on to say Moreau sexually assaulted two of the female victims and the male victim by manipulating their private parts in an “aggressive and torturous manner.”

But this takes it to the twilight zone:

Moreau barricaded herself and her two grandchildren in a back room of her house at 205 Ridge Road when officers showed up to arrest her Wednesday, police said. Police say Moreau charged the officers while removing her clothes before they finally arrested her. They say she then screamed and made animal noises in the holding cell the rest of the night.

Source: Elderly Caregiver Accused of Abusing Clients

Above, 8 women rapists stand accused

Alcohol and drugs were involved in many of the above accounts and in my opinion also the influence of Satan. I didn’t include child molesters of any type. Furthermore, each of the above women could say “there is something mentally wrong with me.” Their actions didn’t make sense. They weren’t sexual predators most if not all of the women choose random guys. When a woman goes into a random guys house and rapes him, she isn’t thinking right. Many of the women above had been diagnosed with mental disorders.

I could add more to the wall of shame and perhaps I will later (if the stories are really bizarre) for now I think your time would be better spent watching the video below, most of the accounts are very bizarre.

During my research I noticed that a few major news organizations have been scrubbed of certain stories and others had not. I relied heavily on reporting from the UK to get information about USA female rapists. I also noticed the internet underwent a massive website, social media and video sharing (YouTube) purge in 2018-2020. Many, if not most independent media organizations lost their method of funding. If they didn’t follow an ESG “woke culture” agenda they were booted. This drove home the importance of the value for value model to me. Value for value, allows you the reader or viewer/listener to decide if the content you value continues. You give back what you feel the content you consume is worth. Soon we will be opening up methods of value for value to support this site. We will keep you posted on the front page when this is open. Thank you.

I will update this article or write a new one when we get the post pandemic rape statistics. Why do you think female on male rapes are on the rise? Let me know below. I read all comments and emails: midnightrad.io101@gmail.com

If you would like more statistics please consider the following.

Department of Justice
US Center for Disease Control

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