Amityville Murders

In 1974 tragedy befell the town of Amityville New York. This documentary goes over the events that happened the night of November 13 1979. The night of hell where Butch DeFeo murdered his entire family.

Did Butch commit the murders alone? What terrible events brought these events in to existence? Join us as we take a deeper look at the terrible tragedy of the Night the Defoe’s Died.

We talk with Amityville Murders expert Ric Osuna from the website.

You can buy his FANTASTIC book here!

We also talk with Tara from Long Island, she provides us background on life in the shadow of “The Amityville Murders.”

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Muharem Candic


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I am a military veteran, journalist and writer. I conduct deep investigations on bizarre intriguing topics and present them in a manner that hits you in the feels.
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