University of Idaho Slayings

“He eats an apple, I see an apple core. He licks the blood off the blade and slices it. He is eating the apple with human blood on it. He likes the taste of it, warm blood. He puts it into a drain thinks twice then places it into his pocket.” Snorts groans and low growls surround her as an uncomfortable bulldog writhes in labor pain.

She dubs herself “Psychic Reverend Donna Seraphina” After praying to God and asking protection and guidance from her “spirit guides” she begins a “reading” on The Idaho University Murders.

Lets examine the timeline of the Moscow Slayings. Follow our continuing  coverage here.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Moscow Idaho, four University students, Ethan Chapin (who was spending the night with his girlfriend) Xana Kernodle, Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves were all brutally murdered in their beds. Two roommates survived. Kaylee Goncalves was out of class soon to graduate in December but she wanted to show off her new Range Rover and was back to spend a few days with her friends in their 3 floor six bedroom house and celebrate before they went on Thanksgiving break.

Kaylee posted photos on her Instagram earlier on the day of the tragedy which said “One lucky girl to be surrounded by these ppl everyday.” There is also a heart stopping video of the “roommates’ ‘ as they are affectionately called, doing light hearted impressions of one another in the very house which will soon witness so much tragedy.

It feels like there is all this fresh candy in town but he can’t have any. _Donna Seraphina


Kaylee and Maddie hit the Corner Club. While they were there it is reported they were very Inebriated. Joe Vidolt saw the the ladies with Jack Showalter (who had been kicked out of his fraternity) he said Jack could tell the ladies were in distress and wanted to make sure they made it home safely. When Vidolt went to the food truck later he saw Showalter and the ladies. Jack Showalter is said to have been courteous and funny by those who witnessed him with the ladies as he wore his hoodie at the Grub Truck. The manager said, “Kaylee and Maddie didn’t seem to be in distress or in danger in anyway.” Footage was found by Kaylee’s sister Alivia on the Grub Truckers Twitch channel. The ladies talked to a few bystanders, received their meals within 10 minutes then were on their way back to their house via an uber or “private individual.”


Ethan and Xana attend a Sigma Chi Party 735 Nez Perez Dr.


Kaylee and Maddie arrived at the house in 0156 according to Kaylee’s sister who verified it via her phone data and a neighbor’s Ring doorbell.

0145 Ethan and Xana arrived at the house at 1122 Kind Rd Moscow Idaho.

Sunday, November 13


Phone logs show Kaylee placed several calls to her ex boyfriend Jack DuCoeur (six years age difference) She wasn’t following him on Instagram. Four calls were made on Kaylee’s phone two additional calls on Maddie’s phone and then a final call on Kaylee’s, Jack never answered the phone Kaylee’s sister Alivea said he was sleeping. Police haven’t released the content of any texts which might have been sent to Jack or if he received any voicemails. However, the Moscow police did state the phone calls were cleared but they didn’t say Jack was. Kaylee’s mother and sister are insistent they consider him a member of their family and he could not have done it. Furthermore she said constant phone calls were a typical behavior of Kaylee even for the most mundane questions.

He tries to talk to her outside of a bakery when she is on break. He feels a bit older. She isn’t interested. _Donna Seraphina

The Attack

The Moscow police say the attack happened early Sunday morning November 13th but have not given a specific time. Moscow police stated the victims were asleep when the attack was initiated and the crime scene was a bloody mess. Multiple deep stab wounds in each body. It is apparent through statements the killer took extra time with one of the ladies which gives investigators the “theory” of this being a targeted attack. The coroner said the wounds were made by a “sharp edged instrument” Police are looking for a K-Bar knife. The police have further stated they have reason to believe the knife could have possibly came from a member of the colleges ROTC military program.

He cut off a piece of her body and took it as a souvenir. He is sticky with the blood but for him it feels good, then he grabs the apple. _Donna Seraphina

As of the time of this writing Investigators claim they have processed
More than 1,000 tips, have collected 103 pieces of evidence, taken 4,000 photographs, taken multiple 3D scans of the crime scene and conducted over 150 interviews. Authorities have yet to announce any suspect.
The Moscow Police Department originally said this was an isolated incident and they believed there wasn’t an active threat, even though they claim they have no suspects, shortly after they said everyone should be cautious.

His mom and dad have almost black hair, I don’t know if they’re Italian, Hispanic or White. They watch their son and they know he is different. They are afraid of their son. _Donna Seraphina

Update 12/1/22

At a vigil for the Idaho 4 Kaylee’s father confirmed that his daughter and Maddie died beside each other in the same bed.

YouTube creator by the name “Harsh Reality” read a letter written by a person who was allegedly a first hand witness at the crime scene.

Detailed Timeline of Events Updated 1/19/23

Constantly Updating Timeline Access here

December 30, 2022 0130

The arrest and the beginning of imprisonment for one Bryan C Kohberger from hence forward to be called Nothing Burger. 

119 Lamsden Dr. Albrightsville, PA 18210 Home of Nothing Burger’s parental units.

The Pennsylvania State Police Swat team broke windows and kicked in doors no doubt causing the elder parents of Nothing Burger the first pangs of grief with many to come. They whisk Nothing Burger away in the early morning hours no doubt with dreams of murder fresh in his lusty mind and underdrawers still stale.

They then execute a sealed (until 1/18/23) search warrant on Nothing Burger’s Pullman Washington apartment.

The team find the following items

  1. One black nitrile glove
  2. Dust container from a vacuum cleaner
  3. 13 possible hair strands one possibly from an animal
  4. Fire TV stick
  5. Pillow with a “reddish/brownish stain
  6. Computer tower
  7. “Allegedly” (rumor has it) one used happy sock.

3:00 pm

The Mogen and Goncalves families and their friends hold a celebration of life for their daughters Kaylee and Maddison.

01/03/2023 12:30pm

Extradition hearing for Nothing Burger.
He waves his rights.

01/04/2023 3:28

Nothing Burger leaves the Pennsylvania jail for flight to Pullman, Wa.

07:00 PM

Nothing Burger arrives in shackles at Latah County Jail in Moscow.


Judge issues an enhanced Gag order which affects all interested lawyers of all parties.

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