Schabusiness Evaluation

April 13, 2022 Via Zoom

The Taylor Schabusiness competency evaluation hearing was held on Wednesday April 13 2022, at 11 am and it was short.

Judge Tom Walsh told the court the exam finds Schabusiness competent to stand trial.



Schabusiness’s defense attorney Quinn Jolly, requested a second independent exam which may be allowed by the court.

“At this point, my client would be seeking a second examination. The court must appoint one examiner but can appoint more,” said Jolly. “After review of the report and the examiner’s comments to the court, the court should remain sensitive in the event of any signs of fluctuations in her overall mental status and behavioral stability, such changes may signal fluctuation in her capacity.”

“Ms. Schabusiness has been receiving mental health treatment since the seventh grade. She’s been psychiatrically hospitalized multiple times. She’s been diagnosed with bi-polar and psychotic. This may have been one of her better days, however I’m very surprised at the result of this report.”

 District Attorney David Lasee said:

“I would note, Dr. Collins is highly respected, and she’s the head of that particular unit and does a number of these, very experienced and does a number of these evaluations. We’ve accepted her reports on countless occasions. I’m not sure that the county or state should pay for a second evaluation. I know there are other alternatives. The defense is entitled to have an expert evaluate their client at any time under the statute, so I won’t take a strong position one way or the other. I just wanted to note that we highly respect Dr. Collins’s opinions on this issues.”

Attorney Jolly said he will seek funding from the state for the new evaluation.

Judge Walsh said: Jolly has 30 days from today because that is when she is going to trial for the murder of Shad Thyrion.

If we receive additional information or video footage we will update this article

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