The Soul Collector

Soul Collector with full Jochen Commentary

The Soul Collector only Joni

Ghost hunting isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes, it can be deadly. Paranormal investigator, Joni Mayhan, found out the hard way when she met “The Soul Collector” and had to fight for her life. True story. Based on her best selling novel of the same name. We tell her story and investigate deeper with an expert, German deliverance minister brother Jochen. Maybe too deep.

This book is fantastic and I highly recommend it. What stands out? Joni is a gifted story teller; she has a distinct ability to convey the emotions of haunted women. Joni Mayhan books are the kind you can’t put down until the day breaks.



Brother Jochen

About the Author
I am a military veteran, journalist and writer. I conduct deep investigations on bizarre intriguing topics and present them in a manner that hits you in the feels.
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