What We Do and How We Do It

Military Veteran, Writer, Lead Investigator, Radio Host

Jerry Adams

I have a mission to present true, fascinating, bizarre stories free from politics and any other influence other than telling a story well.

We believe facts are important and must be verified to present a well balanced story. We do not believe in reporting on what others have reported, we believe in reaching out and learning more.

We conduct deep investigations and conduct extensive interviews on a mirage of fascinating and bizarre topics. Our topics will include next level technology, true crime, reappearing persons, time-travel technologies, hidden technologies, mind control and much more.

We produce high quality videos and podcasts about obscure and fascination true-life stories

We make all our extra footage and interview material available via audio podcast for members. If you want more information, would like behind the scenes material, or would simply like to listen to the complete interviews please consider becoming a member.

Social Media Investigator, Producer

Angel Morales

Angel (ACE) Morales is a producer and researcher. He likes long walks on the beach and Tinder babes. However, if this man contacts you for an interview, he is legit we will vouch for him.

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