The Devil Made Me Do It

I find the news stories in tonight’s episode to be beyond belief! The number of wives and children being slaughtered by the man in the family is more than alarming. Yet they are true. I mentioned Detective Joe Kenda in this episode and his book “I Will Find You” about his career in the homicide department in Colorado Springs. In his book he gives his account of a scene where a father had murdered his wife and child, then himself. Anyone who’s ever read this account has never been able to forget it. After deep investigations into the nature of evil, I am now convinced that demonic forces are behind the most horrid murders we hear about in the everyday news. I highly recommend the book below!

We cover the case of Karina Castro and how her boyfriend, the father of her 1 year old beheaded her with a sword on the sidewalk in front of her apartment where her two children were inside. Read the article here.

Karina Castro: Woman beheaded by man with a sword on Bay Area street had restraining order against him

I love my child more than life itself and I wonder how somone could be cruel to their children so cruel they murder them. The answer is selfishness, greed, and pride.

Dad shoots his kids in the head after mom kisses them goodnight, Florida sheriff says

Was the story about the me getting attacked by demonic forces on the toilet true? Yes! If you are a member of our podcast you can view the entire session where brother Jochen watches Joni Mayhan talk about “The Soul Collector” and tells us how to protect our souls. During the middle of this conversation is where I stepped away and was demonically assaulted. Again, the footage where he and I talk will only be available for those who have a $5 monthly membership all other things will be free for all; for more info you click here or the membership banner below.

We have previously covered the Alex Jones defamation trial and will continue to do so as he has a few more coming up. Do you think Alex Jones’ defamation trial puts free speech rights of all Americans on trial? Do you fully support the right of Alex Jones and others to mass broadcast whatever they want to regardless of it being (know to them) to be lies? I want to hear from you about this and all of the other stories we have covered. Call and leave me up to a 3 min message. I will play it on the show 325-261-0892. We would love to hear from you.

In this episode I mention Bill Cooper one of the absolute pioneers of modern alternative media broadcasting. It can be argued that Alex Jones took many cues from his format. The difference between Bill Cooper and Alex Jones is Bill Cooper 100% believed in what he talked about and stood by it. He also called Alex Jones “a little liar” after having been interview by him back in the late 1990’s. Bill himself passed away in 2001 under very suspicious circumstances. He was killed by the FBI! I highly recommend his book “Behold a Pale Horse.”

The case of Lacey Fletcher haunts me. How could parents allow their adult child 36 to sit unmoving from a couch for 12 years? I feel there is more to this story. Is it possible the parents did something to her that injured her; therefore, were reluctant to take her to the doctor? I want to hear from you, the number is 325-261-0892. I feel there is more to this story we are not being told. I will continue to investigate this story. As promised from the broadcast, the picture of the couch.

I have been covering stories like this for years. Normally, a male is having acute medical distress so his wife or girlfriend calls emergency services. The fire department finds a severely obese man melded to a chair in a birds nest of filth and feces. I have never heard about this happening to a person that lives alone they are always male and have a wife or girlfriend. What this says about a single person I don’t know. In all cases I have investigated so far, the man just does not want to move so they sit there having their significant other bring them high calorie snacks as they poo on themselves in front of the T.V. The emergency services usually have to cut a hole in the wall to remove the man melded in his chair as the neighbors stare in disbelief. Learn more about Laura Fletcher’s story here.

Parents of autistic Louisiana woman insisted it was her decision to remain on couch

For a similar and very different story check out the video below!

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