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In 2012 I was actively producing an online radio show in Ohio. The  morning after the December 14 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary I sat in shock and horror at my desk while watching Alex Jones “rant and rave” about how the parents were crisis actors and the deaths not real.  It was my job to monitor the media coverage of this tragedy, so I could not tune-out.

It had been obvious to us Alex’s show was designed to make his audience fearful “a condition he creates” as he sold the cure “his radio show and Infowars store goods” I was horrified by his coverage as my heart broke for the families involved. I was not surprised he was saying what he was saying yet in my wildest dreams I would not have guessed he would have gone on for over three years!

Is Alex Jones the latest victim of the cancel culture movement?

What I’m not saying is that Mr. Jones has not been right about many things but I would argue that when he is wrong he rarely talks about it. His business while entertaining, and successful isn’t moral.

This trial is of the upmost importance for everyone in the United States of America. If you are a citizen it will declare both your right to hold a major media figure accountable for continued public defamation and it will warn future public figures that defaming anyone might not be a financially viable career option.

Alex Jones Defamation Trial Coverage by Law and Crime Network

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Alex Jones Connecticut Defamation Trial Day 1

I highly recommend watching this video, it does a good job summing up what has happened in the first day of the trial, leading up to it and what to expect in the coming days.

Something to look for: The Judge warning Alex Jones lawyer that if when he speaks of things  that she said are inadmissible she will instantly hold him in contempt. Is the coverage of this case biased? I don’t believe so, the facts stand for themselves. The second day of the trial begins and we will continue coverage here.

Alex Jones Connecticut Defamation Trial Day 2

Before we examine day two coverage lets take a look back at what Alex Jones ex-wife had to say about him five years ago during his custody battle. Some of the things she said now seem prophetic.

Below: Alex Jones ex-wife Kelly Rebecca Nichols

I disagree with her about one thing, I’m convinced most of Alex’s reactions to events on his show are geared toward sensationalism in order for it to be entertaining and to maximize profits, Therefore; it also has the elements of putting on an act.

However; yes I do believe he most likely is an angry ass- after all money doesn’t bring happiness.

Once again Jessie Webber with Law & Crime network knocks it out of the park with his sidebar podcast. Here are the top three moments of day 2.

Below:  Brittany Paz – corporate representative of free speech systems is being questioned on the stand.

To be fair below is Alex Jones commentary on his own trial. Which in my legal opinion (which other than experience, I don’t have the credentials to legally give) Alex going on his show talking about the judge and court is a horrible idea! If you want to win the trial, if your intention is to make money $$ it is a great idea!

These dumbass lawyers don’t even know how to wipe their asses. _Alex Jones

Alex Jones Connecticut Defamation Trial Day 3

Watching the video below puts me into an interesting mental quandary. If I watch it with an open mind it convinces me that Alex Jones has been horribly wronged by a vindictive democrat leaning legal system. Yes, some of the very things I hear go against what I have seen with my own eyes. For three plus years Mr. Jones incessantly bellowed that “Sandy Hook was an inside job!” and if anybody believed different than him they are idiots.

Point of interest: They talk about the amount of discovery demanded of Jones being the most any defendant has every been ordered to produce in US judicial history. Is this true? We have no way of knowing but it sounds impressive.


Now more of the Sidebar podcast hosted by Jesse Weber. Jesse breaks down what we saw Alex say yesterday about the judge being a George Soros operative. This time Alex is being interviewed by Stephen Crowder host of Louder with Crowder.

Alex Jones Connecticut Defamation Trial Day 4 and 1st Week Summary

This first video answers two questions I had. Will the plaintiffs lawyer show the Alex Jones Show photo Alex showed disrespecting the judge? Oh yeah! What did the judge think about it? Check it out below.

I think this was the most exciting thing that happened on day 4, that being said I am sure I feel this way for reasons you might not expect. I feel that the plaintiff’s attorney came off sounding like a real ass! He was badgering and leading the witness (Brittany Paz) while treating her with total disrespect and disregard. It makes me sick when he refers to how much Free Speech Systems paid her, $37,000 so what. 

Mike Bloomberg Email

I have personally caught Alex Jones lying several times before. Once he was reporting on a story about Baxter Labs leaking anthrax to the public and he called them but they refused to talk with him. I contacted Baxter Labs and interviewed their representative live on the air. He explained it wasn’t living Anthrax and it was sent to another lab not the public, Alex nor Infor Wars had ever called.

Alex Jones said live on air his kids were half Hispanic and his wife (at the time) was of Hispanic decent.

I also saw footage of him telling everyone to head for the hills during Y2K not to mention him saying swine-flu was going to be the end of humanity as we know it.

Full Week Summary Below

Jesse Weber from the Law and Crime Network seems more biased than usual in this video as he breaks down 5 critical moments of the week.

This week didn’t seem to go very well for Jones. The best case presented for Alex was the over zealousness shown by the Plaintiffs attorney exampled here with his boorish questions.

Let me know how you think this trial is going.

Alex Jones Connecticut Defamation Trial Day 5

Day five was mostly procedural, However; there were two points of interest. The counsel for the plaintiff called a social media expert and Alex Jones arrived at court held an impromptu press conference and went into a bizarre sales pitch for his new book.

Social Media Expert for the Plaintiff

ALex Jones Goes Into Bizarre Sales Pitch

Alex Jones Connecticut Defamation Trial Day 6

Day 6 started with David Wheeler, father of 6-year-old Ben and Erica Lafferty, daughter of Principal Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung. The day finished with Jennifer Hensel, mother of Avielle Richman.

The Full Trial Day Below

Judge says that on Tuesday (When Alex Jones is Scheduled to Testify) she plans on calling in sick with COVID.

She appears to be joking and we all know how funny COVID is, especially those of us who have had it and those of us who have had family members die due to the virus and or the vaccination. There is a chance that her remarks are grounds to file a motion for mistrial.

Alex Jones Gives a Press Conference Outside

Alex handles the media very well here and answers most of their questions. Moment of note, when the Court TV reporter asks Jones if he is expecting to be held in contempt for talking with the press and on his show about the trial. Alex said he had no idea he had been sanctioned. The reporter informs him that the judge said she would have words with him about it.

Alex Jones Connecticut Defamation Trial Day 7 & 8

Day seven was the day Alex Jones is on the stand being grilled by the plaintiff’s attorney. There are several heated exchanges. I watched the entire questioning live and by the end of it I was rooting for free speech and Alex Jones. There is nothing he has said that isn’t covered by freedom of speech. However, soon as the testimony is over I am reminded that he continued to venomously say Sandy Hook was fake FOR THREE YEARS DESPITE THE EVIDENCE. He did this to be alarming, entertaining and to make money. I will post his entire testimony below and highlight the heated exchange in the third video. I am not sure if who he is or how he stays profitable is Alex Jones fault or is indictive of the internet media culture. Let us know what you think in the comments below, we read them all. You can email us your opinion if you’d like:

Alex Jones Testifies Pt. 1

Alex Jones Testifies Pt. 2

‘I Don’t Apologize to You’: Alex Jones Snaps at Sandy Hook Lawyer

Day 8

Alex Jones was expected to be cross examined for the defense but his lawyer waved his right. This means Alex went back to Austin and the Plaintiff’s lawyer will prepare to question him again next week.

I went to law and crime and noticed they had reopened the comments so I read them. The comments were taken over by democratic political demonstrators. I know this because I looked up their accounts which most promoted masking and taking COVID vaccines as their only videos.

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