Meet Our DJs

DJ Electra spins everything from house music to obscure gems, and interviews the biggest artists and emerging talents, every Sunday from 8-10 PM CST on Electra Lady Land.

Electra Lady Land is the perfect place to discover new music and hear from your favorite artists. Electra’s eclectic taste in music means that there’s something for everyone on her show, whether you’re a fan of house music, techno, disco, or anything in between.

If you’re looking for a radio show that will keep you entertained and informed, tune in to Electra Lady Land every Sunday from 8-10 PM CST. You won’t be disappointed!

Join DJ Gerald Shmimmions for his hit show Midnight Radio winner of the 2023 WebBest Award as we investigate true crime stories from every perspective, even the most outrageous. We talk about wild azz theories and wild azz speculations, and we respect all perspectives and opinions. The final truth and facts will come out in the court of law, but here, we explore every possibility.

Hosted by a writer, journalist, and radio host, this show is a must-listen for all true crime fans. Whether you’re interested in the latest unsolved mysteries or the most notorious cold cases, we have something for you.

Tune in each week to hear from experts, witnesses, and family members as we dive deep into the most fascinating and perplexing true crime cases of our time.

Listen now and learn the truth about the most outrageous true crime theories.

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