Smack of Ham with DJ Hotham

DJ Hotham was born in Berkley on the other side of the railroad tracks where the hobos would often sing to her. She walked to school daily next to a booming rock quarry; thus, fueling her lifelong infatuation with music and rhythm.

She would often look up into the sky and wonder if there was something greater out there and when would Sarah Silverman actually say something funny.

In her young adulthood she entered college, joined a sorority, learned secrets she has never cared to reveal and most people wouldn’t be interested in anyway, hell now she can’t even remember them.

Her passions include spanking the naughty asses of brazen chatroom trolls until red, long walks on short beaches, consuming massive quantities of Triscuits and rocking the mic.

Tips never expected but always appreciated Cash App: $hothamradio


Smack of Ham with DJ Hotham 

Thursday 9 PM CST

Playing a mix of hidden gems both old and new, everything from funk to bluegrass to punk to pop.

Call-in and leave a message #410-575-3733 she will play it and answer you on the air.

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