Become a DJ Now!

Have you ever thought about being a DJ? We are looking for people who are more determined to become a DJ than just a passing interest. If you really want to become a DJ, we will train you step by step. This is your chance.

You must take the first step. Email us Subject: I want to be a DJ

We will email you back with the following information.

  • Minimum equipment requirements
  • We need to know what type of computer you have Windows or Mac
  • Proper format of a show
  • How to access our Radio Music Library
  • Where to get your free broadcasting software

Then we will schedule you for training test shows.

This is not a course where you send us money to train. We need DJs, we are willing to train and contract new DJs. Now is your chance to enter this fascinating profession. This is a paying position. You pay us nothing! After you successfully complete DJ training we will offer you a contract to produce your own two hr. radio show, broadcast on our station.

You must take the first step email us Subject: I want to be a DJ.

Midnight Radio is radio without limits! Join our team and unleash your true potential!

All my best!

Station Manager

Jerry Adams



About the Author
I am a military veteran, journalist and writer. I conduct deep investigations on bizarre intriguing topics and present them in a manner that hits you in the feels.
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