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Meet our DJs

DJ Jonny Vincent

DJ Jonny Vincent is the host of the GenX Radio Show. His show is a mix of classic rock, alternative, grunge, hip-hop, and R&B, as well as some of the more obscure and forgotten gems from the GenX era. Tune in to the GenX Radio Show on Saturday evenings from 10-Midnight (EST), 9-11 PM (CST)!

Mrs. Midnight

Mrs. Midnight is the hostess of 8 O’Clock Rock every Friday at 8-10 PM CST where she plays the songs that have meant the most in the soundtrack of your life!

DJ Hotham

DJ Hotham is the hostess of Smack of Ham with DJ Hotham which airs every Thursday 9-11 PM CST!

DJ Electra

Join DJ Electra as she interviews new and emerging artists and plays the hottest music in the LA music scene every Sunday 8-10 PM CST on her hit show Electra Lady Land!

DJ JulieAnn

DJ JulieAnn is the host of the 3rd Rock Radio Show at She plays a mix of classic rock, alternative, country, and everything in between. You can catch her show every Wednesday from 10pm – Midnight (EST), 9-11 PM (CST).

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