Bay Block

I open my eyes to the sunlight and gimp to the bathroom mirror. My eyes are red sheets of pain. I picked up new eyedrops yesterday for just this. The cap hits the counter and drip drop in each eye, it burns so good! The burning isn’t going away. I rinse my eyes out and they’re almost swollen shut and are the color of an eggplant! I’m allergic to the allergy eye drops! Son-of-a-bitch!

Grabbing my white top out of the dryer I noticed a blue sock stuck to it. Damn it! Now my top has a sickly bluish color. I throw something over it and head out to The Wayfarer to interview the band Bay Block and catch their set.

I push the button to roll my car window up it won’t budge. The window is down and stuck. I call my friend but no luck. My window is permanently open now in what is apparently typhoon season in southern California.

An hour late I pull into the parking lot. I approach the bouncer and ask if I missed the show.

He laughs and says, “You missed all of it.”

BALLS! I can’t find my ID.

“Just show me something.”

He better not be getting fresh, I thought. I show the bouncer a pack of gum and smile.

The floor of the Wayfarer is sticky with beer and I’m pretty sure blood. The band tells me a girl broke her ankle in the mosh pit. That’s a sign of a good band when someone gets injured in the pit! (The band and I send best wishes to broken ankle girl Cleo! #physicaltherapy #feelbettersoon).

I find the members of Bay Block since they are on stage packing up their gear. They are so cool and drop what they are doing to start the interview. I planned on doing the interview in the green room, but it turns out the green room is a shipping container from a cargo ship.
There are young girls falling in and out of the shipping container like they can’t find their sea legs,
so we decide to do the interview on the hood of a green truck, the first object I see that can hold my mic
and mixer. Of course, I asked the owner first, winky emoji.

Bay Block is comprised of 5 members, I’m informed that one has already left and made it
home safely. As we huddle around the hood of the green truck, we introduce ourselves in a circle. Corbin to my left plays guitar and has a great beard. Next is Shawn on drums, John on vocals and Rory on back up guitar. We talk about aliens and music and the interview goes great even though a band member’s girlfriend stares intensely the whole time.

Check out Bay Block’s next show on April 30th at La Santa in Santa Ana, CA. Also follow them
@BayBlockHC for new music releases and future shows. listen in to their live interview on Electra Lady Land Sunday April 23rd 8 PM CST. for some of their songs and some other great hardcore and punk music.

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